Santhwanam Asianet Serial, Latest Episode, Serial Cast and Crew, Watch Online Free.

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Santhwanam serial is one of the top trending serials in the Asianet channel. The reason for this trend is because of the chemistry of love between Shiva and Anjali who is one of the two couples in this serial. 

Santhwanam Asianet serial has been accepted by the Kerala audience. The main plot of the serial is between the 4 brothers and their joined family. The schedule of the serial in Asianet is from Monday to Saturday from 7 pm till 7:30 pm. 

Santhwanam Asianet Serial, Latest Episode, Serial Cast and Crew, Watch Online Free

Let me explain the santhwanam serial cast one by one.

1. Actress Chippi as Sreedevi Balakrishnan. 

               Talking about the character sreedevi which is beautifully portrayed by actress Chipi. Sreedevi is the wife of Balakrishnan who is the elder brother among the 4 brothers. Since Sreedevi and Balakrishnan don’t have a child, she considered and treated the rest of the younger 3 brothers as her child. She is so affectionate to her husband’s family. She is a more caring and loving person. Not only that, but she is one of the main strengths of the family.

2. Actor Rajeev Parameshwar as Balakrishnan.

             As I said before, Balakrishnan is the elder brother among the 4 brothers. He loves his family very much. He runs a small shop called Krishna Stores. This family’s main income source is from this store. Balakrishnan cares for his younger brothers. He stood behind them in any situation. He is one of the main powerful characters in this serial. His wife Sreedevi calls him balettan. All the 4 brothers are the partners of krishna stores.

3. Actor Gireesh Nambiar as character Harikrishnan.

           Harikrishna is the second elder brother among the 4 brothers. He is an MBA graduate person. He works in the krishna stores along with his brothers. Not only that, but he is also a caring and loving kind of person. He has a wife named Aparna. 

4. Actress Raksha Raj as Aparna Harikrishnan.

            Aparna is the wife of Harikrishnan. Saying about the character of Aparna, she is a type of person that gets emotional or gets happier in certain situations. She is from a rich family, so there are certain things that she cannot follow, or she cannot accept in her husband’s family environment. Also, Harikrishnan and Aparna are love married couples in this serial.

5. Actor Sajin TP as Shivaramakrishnan.

           Shivaramakrishnan is one of the trending characters in this serial. The wife of shivaramakrishnan is Anjali Shivaramakrishnan. The serial has become this trending because of the love chemistry between this couple. Shivaramakrishnan is an undergraduate guy who is a partner of the krishna stores. Shiva loves his wife but doesn’t know how to express his love towards his wife. 

6. Actress Dr.Gopika Anil as Anjali Shivaramakrishnan.

          Anjali is the wife of shivarama Krishnan. The audience of the swanthwanam serial calls this couple shivanjali. There are a lot of fanbases for this couple. You can see that by opening the Instagram and time swanthwanam serial. There are certain cute moments in the serial between Shiva and Anjali which brings the serial to this hype. Swanthwanam serial fans named Shiva as Kalippan and Anjali as Kanthari. People give a nickname to Anjali as Kalipante Kanthari.

There are also many supporting characters in this serial. Some of the other character names are Shankaran done by Yathikumar who is the worker in Krishna stores and the brothers call him Shankaran maman with a respect, Girija Preman as Lakshmi who is the mother of these 4 brothers, Achu Suga as Kannan who is the youngest brother among the 4 who is a college student and is also the pet of everyone in the family, Geetha Nair as Maheshwari Bijesh as Sethu who is the brother of Sreedevi Balakrishnan, Apsara as Jayanthi who is the wife of Sethu. 

Santhwanam Serial Crew

Director – Aadithyan

Original script – Screen Play: Priya Thambi

Music Composer’s – M. Jayachandran, Harinarayanan (lyrics), Saanand George

Production company – Rejaputra Visual Media

Banner – Avanthika creations

Cinematography – Alex

Editor – Pradeep Bhagvath

How to watch santhwanam asianet serial latest episode online for free

To watch Santhwanam serial online you can download HotStar which is an online app where you can see all the latest Asianet serials for free. Hotstar is an application that is under star India. All the channels that are owned by star India can be seen on Hotstar. 

There is also a premium subscription plan on Hotstar where you can become a premium membership and get exclusive content from the Hotstar application. If you become a premium member you can also watch the swanthwanam serial latest episode every day before telecasting on TV. 

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